Buprestidae of Madagascar
(with Mascarene and Comores)
The genus Polybothris

Another very interesting group of Polybothris develops two expansions on the sides of the prothorax. The evolutionay significance of these structures is unknown. They are present in males and females, with the same development. Here are some of the most interesting species. We can see these structures are much larger in some of these species.

Polybothris expansicollis

Polybothris grandidieri

Polybothris goryi

Polybothris aurocyanea

Polybothris ochreata

Polybothris lelieuri

Polybothris pandus

Polybothris quadricollis

Polybothris nivicincta

Many of these species seem to be in the same evolutionary line, but others belong to different groups of Polybothris (Polybothris nivicincta, etc.). Polybothris quadricollis seems to be a connection between this group and the other one with flattened and rounded (elliptical) body (Polybothris auriventris, ecc.), but it's closely related to Polybothris pandus.Polybothris lelieuri is strangely similar in colours, general morfology and dimensions to species of the Mediterranean genus Capnodis!