Buprestidae of Madagascar
(with Mascarene and Comores)
The genus Polybothris

The first species of Psiloptera s.l. of Madagascar differed in very few characteristics from African Psiloptera of Subgenus Damarsila. Now, there are several species maintaining most of these "primitive" aspects. They live in Madagascar, but also in Comores. They are relatively more important in the Buprestids' Fauna of these small islands than in Madagascar, where many Polybothris show very strange and specialized structures (very few species in Comores).

Some species from Madagascar

Polybothris analis

Polybothris circumdata

Polybothris cyanimaculifer

Polybothris exophtalma

Polybothris sulcicollis

Polybothris sycophantha

Some species from Comores

Polybothris comorica

Polybothris oberthuri

Polybothris patruelis