Julodis hohneli Fairmaire, 1891

This species is usually considered belonging to the South African species group (Obenberger, 1926, in Coleopterorum Catalogus Junk). Effectively, it could be related to some South African species, like Julodis egho. But it could be also related to some Palearctic species, like Julodis aequinoctialis and its group of species. Perhaps, the most related species is Julodis cloueti. There are specimens with two different colours: green or brown. According the collector (K.Werner), it is a sexual dichroism. I am quite doubtful but, having just 3 specimens, I can't be sure. It could be the first species in the genus with evident sexual dimorphism.

Julodis hohneli

Julodis hohneli Fairmaire 1891 (det. K.Werner) 

KENYA: Garissa  - Legit K.Werner & Lizler



Julodis hohneli