Other unidentified specimens of South AfricanJulodis

NAMIBIA: Kamanjab III/95; Kombat IV/89; Etosha Nat. Park 1985
Two of these specimens were labelled Julodis onerei. This is an unpublished name. Probably, it comes from Mr.G.Onore, a collector who collected and sold many Insects in tropical Africa until 10-15 years ago,but instead of "J.onorei" it was written "onerei". It's probably a form near Julodis egho Gory

NAMIBIA, Angola border, Marienfluss III/95
Two unidentified specimens.Head and prothorax are dark blue. Elitrae are olive green with brownish border. It's probably a form of Julodis egho Gory

RSA, Cape, Sullusland X/95
Specimen labelled Julodis variabilis. It could be a form of Julodis cirrosa hirtiventris Laporte.