The National Park of Abruzzo

13 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2000

BUPRESTONET, a new free association among Italian entomologists interested in Coleoptera Buprestidae, was born during 1999. Our first project  was to realize a meeting with other people interested in the same group; first of all, with European specialists, but also with any other entomologist with an interest in Buprestidae and in their systematic, ecology, ethology, geographical distribution, breeding, etc. So, we planned an European Congress in the National Park of Abruzzo, Central Italy, 13 - 16 September 2000.
Our host was the National Park of Abruzzo and its Director:  Dr. Franco Tassi, one of the first Italian buprestidologists.

Unluckily, several problems didn't permit to some of the most known buprestidologists in tyhe World to participate to the meeting. However, these others were in the Park with us:
  1. Gianfranco Curletti - Italy
  2. Hans Mühle - Germany
  3. Paolo Crovato - Italy
  4. Franco Tassi - Italy
  5. Ulf Nylander - Sweden
  6. Mr. Rastelli (father of Marco) - Italy
  7. Stig Lundberg - Sweden
  8. Mark Volkovitsh - Russia
  9. Thierry Lander - Switzerland
  10. Roger Pettersson - Sweden
  11. Göksel Tozlu - Turkey
  12. Andrea Liberto - Italy
  13. Francesco Izzillo - Italy
  14. Daniele Baiocchi - Italy
  15. Maurizio Gigli - Italy
  16. Svatopluk Bílý - Czeck Rep.
  17. Marco Rastelli - Italy
  18. Enrico Migliaccio - Italy (not in the picture)

All these people were hosted in the "Centro Studi Internazionale" in Villetta Barrea, near Pescasseroli, in the heart of the National Park. Lunch, dinner and room were totally free for not-Italian entomologists and their relatives.

Among the most appreciated moments in the meeting there were surely lunch and dinner! On the right we can see a "Buprestis splendens Russian Salade"

The scientific sessions in the morning and afternoon followed the official program and were realized in the same "Centro Studi Internazionale" in Villetta Barrea. Lunch and dinner in a restaurant at not more than 20 meters from there.

We also had time to take a look to the National Park around us. Unluckily, it wasn't a good time to find Insects, also because we have had a very hot and dried season , this Summer.

Evening in a spot in the forest near Villetta Barrea, looking for deer and bear (we saw the first one, only!). Perhaps it's better when we are not so many! That one with photo camera and green shirt is Mr. Ulf Nylander. Woman speaking with Thery Lander is Mr. Volkovitsh's wife.

"La Camosciara", one of the most protected places in the National park of Abruzzo. Its name comes from an endemic form of chamois, the Camoscio d'Abruzzo (Rupicapra ornata)

In the morning of Friday, the whole group was transferred to Bisegna, another village in the National Park, to participate to the Round Table about Insect Conservation Issues, chaired by Fabio Cassola with the some among the most authoritative Italian entomologists, and to visit the Insect Centre. It was a good opportunity to meet other collegues in entomology.


Prof. Franco Tassi speaking in the Round Table about Insect Conservation Issues, in the Insect centre of Bisegna. On the background, there is a small Chrysochroa fulgidissima!


Svata Bílý trying to keep a new species of Oryctes!

Two moments of the Round Table. On the left side, from left to right: Franco Tassi, Fabio Cassola, Alberto Zilli, Enrico Migliaccio.
Relaxing after the Round Table in the garden of the Insect Centre.
On the left (from left to right): Roger Pettersson, Göksel Tozlu, Hans Mühle speaking with Stig lundberg, and Cesare Iacovone.
On the right (from left to right): Svata Bílý, Mark Volkovitsh and his wife.

After the Round Table, many of us left for Modena to see the 13th edition of "Entomodena", the most important entomological exibition in Italy (16/IX/2000, Saturday, and 17/IX/2000, Sunday), while others preferred to stay in the Park for excursions or guided tours.

Two shots of Entomodena. On the left picture, from the left to the right: me, Karl Werner and Giovanni Onore.

All the people attending this meeting seem to be quite satisfied, and we left witha new friendship and the promise to try to organize a new meeting as soon as possible.

The National Park of Abruzzo is in the middle sector of the Appennini mountains, not far from Roma (about 90 min. by car). You can find some information clicking here. You can also see a map of Central Italy, with the best ways to go to the Park.