Buprestidae of Indo-Malaysia,
Indochina and Philippines

The South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and continental Asia from Thailand to the Southern China) is probably the best place to find the most spectacular Buprestidae in the World. In their forests, fragmented in an outstanding number of islands, Insects found the way to evolve in many different forms. Among Buprestidae, the most typical are surely in Chrysochroinae:

The genus Megaloxantha lives only in this countries. Several very big species belong to this genus. We can see a specimen of Megaloxantha daleni on the right.To see other photographs of other species click here.

Another typical genus among Chrysochroinae is Catoxantha, with few species, quite similar one to another. These are two of them. Catoxantha opulenta is one of the most beautiful and common Buprestidae of this region.

Catoxantha opulenta

Catoxantha purpurea

To the genus Demochroa belong few fine species, living in all the Indo-malaysian isles, and also in India. The most common, with several geographical varieties, is Demochroa gratiosa.


  Demochroa gratiosa

Demochroa lacordairei

Demochroa detanii

But the most important genus among Chrysochroinae is surely Chrysochroa. There are very many species in this genus. Most of them living in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and S.E. Asia, but a good number is also in India, two of them (Chrysochroa fulgidissima and Chrysochroa alternans) live in Japan, and Chrysochroa lepida in Africa. Species living In S.E.Asia can be divided in two groups: one with elitrae larger than prothorax, quite similar to Demochroa and Catoxantha (see Chrysochroa corbetti), and another one, with more species, with width of prothorax  like elitrae (see Chrysochroa saundersi.

Chrysochroa corbetti

Chrysochroa saundersi

Many Chrysochra show a big variability from an isle to another. It is particularly true for Chrysochroa fulminans and Chrysochroa caroli. To see these species and others, click here.

There are also many other endemic genera among Chrysochroinae, Chalcophorinae, Buprestinae, etc.. We can see a very small selection of them. Most of these species show very bright colours.

Callopistus castelnaudi

Epidelus wallacei

Cardiaspis mouhoti

Philocteanus subcupreus

Philocteanus moricii

Metataenia quadrisignata

Dicercomorpha saundersi

Strigoptera obsoleta

Coraebosoma sp.

There are also many other Buprestidae belonging to genera living also in other countries of Asia, Africa, and also Europe. Very few species of Australian - Papuasian genera are represented. Among them, we have some Cyphogastra.

Iridotaenia palawana

Polyctesis ohkurai

Cyphogastra timoriensis

Chrysobothrinae are mostly represented by many species of Belionota. This genus is known also for Ethiopic Region, with very few species.

Belionota gigantea

Belionota sumptuosa

Belionota sagittaria


In the Philippines arcipelagous, the genus Chrysodema (Chalcophorinae) differentiated a very high number of species. Most of them living just on one of few islands. To see some of them, click here. The most known among them is Chrysodema swiestrae. This species, on the contrary of many others in its genus, lives in a large part of S.E. Asia. Specimens coming from different isles are quite differentiated.